Part time position

We are a tiny team working from a home based studio. This is truly a family run operation. Katie Beaton (me) and the family (June & Reagen, the dogs and the grandparents) are present most of the time. We have an active flower farm and Reagen also runs his home based business off the property.

It is peaceful in the studio tucked away in the woods, but there is plenty of action here. You may find yourself banging bears away, petting dogs, picking flowers, perhaps asked to do a farm chore here and there & of course June will be asking you 100 questions from time to time.




Social media manager, including and not exclusively posting daily, engagement and building a personal relationship with brand community members. This position requires a internet presence.

This is not a remote position, our home studio is located on Katie Beaton's home property and is tucked away in the woods in Lund, B.C.

There is a possibility of housing on the property. We do not recommend relocating to the area, as there is a housing crisis in our small town at this time.

Part time to start, with the opportunity to extend hours in the future
25$ hr starting wage

On the business side of BEATON you will take on a variety of operating roles. You will lead new projects from end to end side by side with the owner Katie Beaton - from production planning, sourcing & production team communications to delivery pick ups (must drive). We are a slow fashion brand looking to expand our marketing skills & share some of the day to day studio tasks.

  • You will oversee daily tasks at the studio in Lund B.C. This includes product launches, photoshoots, social media content creation, brand partnerships and more. 
  • Website updates, inventory management and ordering (ARQ).
  • Creating a email marketing strategy
  • We are looking for someone to fill the gaps where we are lacking :)
  • Packing and shipping from our Lund studio
  • Creating content while you are in studio.

Is this you?:

  • A good understanding of Shopify, IG Business
  • Background in fashion (not a requirement) You are passionate about slow fashion & ethical working practices
  • Ability to coordinate, delegate, and manage projects
  • Are willing to have a internet presence?

Does this sound like a position for you?
Please send cover letter and resume to me
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