Garment care



Our garments are made in small batches in a small studio in Vancouver, Canada with the best quality European linen and dyed with eco friendly dyes in the USA. We hope they can last for years and with careful care, they can.

Please be aware linen shrinks considerably with washing, but tends to relax after a few wears. We find our linen garments can shrink 1-3 inches in the overall length. 

With all natural, biodegradable fibres, wear and tear is to be expected in high wear/friction areas on all linen fabrics. Linen is strong but not indestructible. We recommend very careful, infrequent washing especially with our pants garments, please be aware that linen (like all fabric) does break down faster in high friction areas (thighs). Cold, gentle washing cycle with gentle suds and hanging to dry or laying flat is recommended to prolong the life of your linen garments. Prolonged direct sun exposure from drying may cause extra fading. Linen placed in a hot dryer can create considerable damage and extra shrinkage and fading to your garment. Please reach out to us with any washing/care questions, we are happy to help. Enjoy your new garment!

Please be aware that linen does break down faster in high friction areas (thighs)

We don't replace garments because of wear and tear. 


Katie & Molly

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